About Us

The Inspiration for the Brand Name


The name “Formesa Food” is derived from the founder’s Taiwanese (Formosa) background, which was referred to as a beautiful island by the Spanish. The founder emphasizes the quality of ingredients and the harmonious atmosphere of family members at the dining table, thus naming the brand “for mesa” (mesa is the Spanish word for dining table).


Reassuring Cuisine with Clean Ingredients

The brand adheres to the tenet of “selecting quality and saving customers time” by seeking clean ingredients that are easy to prepare through a meticulous approach, allowing consumers to create delicious tastes that are available in restaurants while sitting comfortably at home. The abundance of products offered by Formesa Food will ensure your daily meals are varied and delicious.


Delicious Ingredients for the Home Yearning Taste buds

Established by the founder’s passion, "Formesa Food" is the Taiwanese breakfast that the founder brings from Taiwan to share with close friends. It includes Taiwanese Omelet, radish cake, and stuffed buns, all of which introduce the common delicacies of Taiwan to local Filipino consumers, while also taking care of that yearning for home of Taiwanese working abroad. The founder selects only the finest ingredients to share with local Filipino consumers, which prompted the birth of the “Formesa Food” brand.